Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The replacement

I've always found it hard to discard my 'go -to' pair of shoes; desperately applying gaffa tape and forgoing dry feet in order to prolong the life of worn leather and disintegrating soles. The same is true of my mustard purse bought as a gift by my sister some years ago now. For the past few months it has slowly disintegrated - stubbornly I have continued to stuff it full with change, keys, a brick of a mobile e.t.c. much to the annoyance of my significant other who has watched me scatter the contents of my wallet as if sowing wild seeds around various establishments, taxis, pavements, houses ...

So stumbling across Very Purple Person's wallet tutorial I decided it was time to craft a substitute. Et voila! The tutorial was really easy to follow. The wallet took shape in less than an hour ... the binding taking the longest as I hadn't left myself much material to play with. It's not quite as tidy as I hoped ... but it holds cards and coins snugly enough so I am no longer leaving a bread trail of copper and silver where ever I go ...

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